Our company offers high quality, cost-effective legal and policy services. We can work closely with you or your organization on numerous law and policy issues.


Our services include the following:


  • Legal work in all areas of expertise
  • Legal services and support for law firms, agencies, businesses, and other organizations
  • Legal research, analysis, writing, and editing
  • Deposition summaries and document review
  • Multi-state legal and regulatory surveys


  • Research in legal and policy issues
  • Analysis and summary of existing, proposed and newly enacted legislation
  • Legislation tracking and monitoring
  • Comments to agencies on proposed rules and regulations
  • White papers

Taxation and Business

  • Tax preparation and assistance for individuals and small businesses
  • Authorized IRS e-File Provider
  • Incentives and funding availability - grants, loans, subsidies, and tax incentives
  • Business entity and nonprofit formation